Need someone who can speak your voice and help you engage through your brand, content, and blog?

I use a humanized approach for digital businesses. I can help!

I am a freelance writer, storyteller, and ghostwriter with over 10 years experience in the industry.

How can I help?

I have business and industry hands-on experience.

I am creative, collaborative, fast working, proactive, and meticulous.

I work to hit deadlines, ease communication, delight, create business value, and to deliver error-free and properly formatted writing.

I have experience in and love to explore some of the most recent (and a few old) emerging fields:

  • Content marketing and blogging

  • Email marketing

  • Branding

  • Management and leadership

  • Innovation

  • User and Customer Experience

  • Design Thinking

  • Technology

  • Industry 4.0

I specialize in:

  • Researching – don’t know how to start? Your content needs context. I work to understand your market (your business and your competition) and your prospects (your client and your user).

  • Storytelling – know your business but can’t tell how to engage? Your content must create an emotional connection. I write corporate content that does not need to lose formality to engage your readers.

  • Copywriting – want to increase conversion rates? Your content must sell. With over 10 years experience in the industry, I write content that sells.

  • Ghostwriting – lack the time to write? I am the person to do it for you, guaranteeing to match your message and voice perfectly so that you can grow your brand and message.

How can my content help?

My content is used as a tool to:

  • Increase business value

  • Incorporate the user voice into your business value

  • Help your brand speak to your client

  • Delight and increase emotional awareness

What else can I help you with?

I am a mother of 2 toddlers and a persistent traveler. I am aware of:

  • Balancing business and personal lives

  • Complementing playtime with activities

  • A daily life that has to be filled with magic while keeping a serious tone

  • Health care and organic lifestyle

  • Organization and time management

  • Family and couple travel destinations

  • Sports travel destinations

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